How can I change button background image - I need one for all iPhones and another (due to size) for iPads. I have square buttons imitating keyboard with smaller background image. On iPad font on buttons is twice bigger, but they are not squares anymore. So I made bigger backgroud image to make them squares again, but how can I change that image only for iPads in storyboard. Is it possible? Thanks.

on iPhones: enter image description here

on Ipads: enter image description here


You can design the layout using size class. The size class for iPad is R*R.

  • for button background image I can`t choose size class like for font. – Baerdon Mar 14 at 20:16
  • Add image as a child of button, now you can use size class as image property of UIImage provide size class. – Nirbhay Singh Mar 14 at 20:29

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