I have a report group that currently looks like the image. It has row groups as follows: Report so far

It grouped in order like this: Department Agent Year Month

I have removed the columns with department and agent and year. I would like to put the agent and department above the column headers which repeat on each page along with the agent. I tried putting a row above the headers but you can't merge cells when adding a row above there and agent + department is very long. What I want is shown in 2nd image..I put the expression in a text box in the page header but it just repeats the first value on each page and not the actual value. enter image description here

How to do? I want it above and not beside to save horizontal space.

  • Could you attach a screen grab of your report in design view? – SuperSimmer 44 Mar 14 at 20:15

Check these previous answers of mine. If they don't help, post the report design including group properties and I'll see what I can do.

Grouping in SSRS?

Repeat Row group on top of table as table headers between every groups in SSRS

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