I have a question regarding how to enable Multihop in LoRa (that is to communicate between two end devices without the LoRaWAN gateway). I have tried doing it using transparent bridging but it won't work.

Although it works with LoRaBlink the issue is flooding. If the number of devices increases the channel utilization as well as the performance goes down rapidly.

Can someone please suggest if there is any other way to do it or how to do it efficiently through LoRaBlink?



If you check the wiki of Radiohead library, you will find RHRouter and RHMesh under topic Managers with the following description:
RHRouter Multi-hop delivery of RHReliableDatagrams from source node to destination node via 0 or more intermediate nodes, with manual, pre-programmed routing.
RHMesh Multi-hop delivery of RHReliableDatagrams with automatic route discovery and rediscovery.


Talking between two end devices in LoRa is not supported, and all communication has to be done via the gateway. This is because LoRa only supports the star topology, mainly for power consumption reason:-

I hope this helps.

  • Yes but using LoRaBlink you can do this. And there also some other protocols and experimentation done to create such protocols on top of the LoRa physical layer to support Mesh network on gateways – biswajit kar Mar 18 at 1:04
  • Ahhh I see. I was not aware of that. It seems that this is possible by using the physical layer but a custom stack. I will remove my answer or update it with the correct info. Thanks. – Youssif Saeed Mar 20 at 6:52

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