I am running multiple Scrapy spiders on different websites on my Amazon EC2 Centos6 machine. Since last night, most of my spider requests have been getting redirected to this strange url: "https://elb02.activatemymodem.com". Sometimes it'll redirect to a weird combination of urls looking like this: "https://elb02.activatemymodem.comspa-accessories.html"

I use proxies with my spiders, but my proxies come from multiple different unrelated sources, so I doubt it is an issue with a bad actor proxy.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? When I Google "elb02.activatemymodem.com" it shows it a time warner thing, which is the internet I use here. But I SSH into my Amazon EC2 instance, so why would it be redirecting there?

I'm very lost, any pointers in the right direction would be amazing. It's almost as if my Centos6 machine has a virus?

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