I have a dataframe which looks like this

   a    b        z
1 NULL NULL  ... 1
2 NULL  1    ... NULL
3  1   NULL  ... NULL

The first column is always populated and there are many others to the right of it. Of columns a through z one is populated the rest are not.

I would like to transform this dataframe into a two-column data frame with the headers of columns a through z in the second column. The example above would be transformed to this.

1    z
2    b
3    a

The pandas.melt() function is close to what I need, but it doesn't handle the NULL values. I only care about the one cell in columns B through Z which is populated.

Is there an elegant way to handle this problem?


you need melt, and then df.dropna() - that's it

this should work:

  • sorry, i meant dropna(), not drop_duplicates() – Dennis Lyubyvy Mar 15 at 13:49

Using stack (which drops NA's by default):

x = (df.set_index('a')
         .rename(columns={'level_1': 'The_Column'})



   a The_Column
0  1          z
1  2          b
2  3          c

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