Maybe the title is misunderstood but I'm gonna try to explain my situation here.

So, considering my entity Person that has a virtual property Country, as follow:

public class Person {
    public long Id { get; set;}
    public short IdCountry { get; set;}
    public virtual Country Country { get; set; }

and the mapping as follow:

builder.HasOne(c => c.Country)
    .HasForeignKey(c => c.IdCountry);

and my repository is generic.

What happens here is, when I try to save some change in Person, the Country entity state came to me as Added wich does not make sense.

I'm exposing here a similar example that what is happening to me. Actually, I have like five others virtual properties in my class Person and some of them are in this state (Added).

Has anyone ever dealt with it before? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Ansewing @alans reply: I'm doing something similar as follow:

foreach (var entrie in entry.Context.ChangeTracker.Entries())
        key = entrie.Entity.GetType().GetProperty("Id").GetValue(entrie.Entity, null);
    catch (Exception ex)
        key = null;
    if (key != null && entrie.State == EntityState.Added)
        entrie.State = EntityState.Unchanged;
    else if (Convert.ChangeType(key, typeof(long)) as long? == 0)
        entrie.State = EntityState.Added;

@TanvirArjel this method above is where the state come as Added

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    Are you running TrackGraph on Update? – alans Mar 14 at 21:51
  • @thatsallfolks Where is code in where Country entity state came as Added? Please add those code to the question. – TanvirArjel Mar 15 at 2:47

I was using AsNoTracking() extension method for performance questions in EF6 but I realized that in EFCore this particular method is a little bit different (I was migrating the code). So, I only removed the method


Are you newing up the Country object somewhere? If the property's key has a default value it will me marked as added. That's my guess.

  • thanks for it but no. I'm not newing the object :( – thatsallfolks Mar 14 at 21:32

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