Is there a way to test a PERIODIC worker from WorkManager Google API without waiting at least 15 minutes for every execution?

I mean, it is a DEBUG app and I'm running it through Android Studio and I don't want to wait such a long time to test my features.


You can't.

Periodic work has a minimum interval of 15 minutes and it cannot have an initial delay. You can find the proof in the WorkSpec.java class.

     * Sets the periodic interval for this unit of work.
     * @param intervalDuration The interval in milliseconds
    public void setPeriodic(long intervalDuration) {
        if (intervalDuration < MIN_PERIODIC_INTERVAL_MILLIS) {
            Logger.get().warning(TAG, String.format(
                    "Interval duration lesser than minimum allowed value; Changed to %s",
            intervalDuration = MIN_PERIODIC_INTERVAL_MILLIS;
        setPeriodic(intervalDuration, intervalDuration);

But there are other ways to deal with that.

  1. Write unit tests using work-testing library and ensure that your business logic works as expected.
  2. Use dependency injection approach and provide a OneTimeWorkRequest in debug mode, for example:
interface Scheduler {
    fun schedule()

class DebugScheduler {
    fun schedule() {

class ProductionScheduler {
    fun schedule() {
        // your actual scheduling logic

For testing purposes, you can use the work-testing library as shown here: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/workmanager/how-to/testing

Specifically, you want to look at how to test periodic work: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/workmanager/how-to/testing#periodic-work

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