I have a CentOS 7 with Docker installed on a VirtualBox. I am also new to Docker. When I run:

docker pull microsoft/aspnet

I get an error:

no matching manifest for unknown in the manifest list entries

I can see the image listed if I do:

docker search aspnet

Do I understand this correctly that this image is not suitable to run in Docker on Linux? Or is there an error getting the correct manifest - thus 'unknown' in the error message?

Running below command produces:

$ docker info -f '{{.OSType}}/{{.Architecture}}'

Some additional information - I was able to pull and successfully use microsoft/dotnet image.


That docker image is based on Windows Server Core as the base OS and also uses IIS as the web server, that makes it Windows only, you can use docker pull microsoft/aspnetcore on Linux. As for microsoft/dotnet it's cross platform and i guess it's basically the same as microsoft/aspnetcore but without the ASP stuff (sorry i'm not that familiar with Windows SDKs and Frameworks).

  • Makes sense. I'll read up more on docker and use windows host for this specific task. – Iztoksson Mar 15 at 6:42

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