I'm writing an office-js addin for excel.

I have some code running inside of an html page:

    Logger.Log(`about to call GetActiveSheetID`);
    Excel.run((context) => {
        const sheets: any = context.workbook.worksheets;
        const activeSheet: any = sheets.getActiveWorksheet();
        return context.sync().then(() => {
            Logger.Log(`GetActiveSheetID returns ${activeSheet.id}`);
    }).catch((e) => {

Aside: Logger scribbles to the localstorage so it can be read back elsewhere since the debuggers consoles don't appear to work very often.

When I host this bit of javascript/html page inside of a dialog (using office dialog API) I get these log entries:

2019-03-14T21:14:24.043Z    about to call GetActiveSheetID
2019-03-14T21:14:24.059Z    An internal error has occurred.

When I run the exact same page/code inside of a taskpane I get:

2019-03-14T21:14:47.162Z    about to call GetActiveSheetID
2019-03-14T21:14:47.185Z    GetActiveSheetID returns {00000000-0001-0000-0000-000000000000}

It APPEARS that Excel.run () doesn't work when hosted inside an office dialog? So the dialog cannot be used to modify excel spreadsheet data.


I'm afraid that the only Office.js APIs that you can call inside the dialog are isSetSupported and messageParent. If you need other Office.js functionality, you need to pass a signal from the dialog with messageParent to the parent page and invoke the Office.js APIs that you need from the parent page.

For more information, see Dialog API.

  • Thank you. This fits with what I've observed, but is this documented anyplace, and likely to remain that way? @Rick Kirkham – Lewis Pringle Mar 14 at 22:59
  • I've edited my answer to point to the article that documents this. See the "Note" about a 1/3 of the way into the article. – Rick Kirkham Mar 15 at 0:42
  • Very good! I dislike the design choice, but this is clearly documented on that page. Thank you! – Lewis Pringle Mar 15 at 1:28

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