I've found plenty of help for deleting a row if a cell equals a number specified in the code, but I'm having trouble deleting a table row if the value of a cell equals the value of a variable.

(This is my first ever attempt at VBA and first ever use of a site like this to seek help on any subject. I appreciate any help you can lend.)

Sub NeverGonnaWork

Dim x as String

x = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B5").Value

Dim tbl as ListObject

Set tbl = Sheets("Sheet2").ListObjects("Table2")

'if column 15 in last row of the table equals x, delete that row of the table'

If Cells(tbl.ListRows.Count, (15)) = x then

End If

End Sub
  • What happens when you run your current code? – dwirony Mar 14 at 21:40
  • That code works for me. I did finally get it to error out, but only after I deleted all the rows first. If your table no longer has any rows and you are trying to delete a row then that could be causing it. if that is the case you can just add an if statement to check if the row count is greater than 0 tbl.ListRows.Count <> 0 – Hasib_Ibradzic Mar 14 at 21:44
  • I'd make sure to add the worksheet you expect the Cells(tbl.ListRows.Count, (15)) to be on, e.g. Sheets("Sheet2").Cells(tbl.ListRows.Count, (15))... – BruceWayne Mar 14 at 21:46

It "doesn't work", because you are referencing Worksheet.Cells(<amount of rows in table>, 15) rather than the actual cell position inside the table.

In other words, you're just referencing some "random" cell in your Worksheet.

Change your code to this and it should work ;-)

Private Sub thisWillWork()

  Dim compVal as String: compVal = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B5").Value2
  Dim tbl as ListObject: Set tbl = Sheets("Sheet2").ListObjects("Table2")

  If tbl.ListRows(tbl.ListRows.Count).Range(,15) = compVal Then
  End If

End Sub

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