Want to setup a Azure Network adapter on a Windows Server 2019 DE machine. However, it does not matter what I try, the same error occurs:

Error: Virtual Network Gateway submission

Message Failed to submitted the update request of Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Gateway WAC-Created-vpngw-99, Detail error message from Azure: The BgpPeeringAddress for the virtual network gateway /subscriptions/xxxxx/resourceGroups/Nett/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworkGateways/VPN-Gateway cannot be modified

Also tried to Configure BGP ASN on the Azure gateway adapter, with an ASN number in the private range. No luck.

Any help will be grately appriciated.


As far as I know, the BgpPeeringAddress for the virtual network gateway is a specific IP address, which is the second last address from the GatewaySubnet range. The official DOC states this:

The Azure VPN gateway will allocate a single IP address from the GatewaySubnet range defined for the virtual network. By default, it is the second last address of the range. For example, if your GatewaySubnet is, ranging from to, the BGP Peer IP address on the Azure VPN gateway will be You can find this information when you list the Azure VPN gateway information.

I can reproduce your issue, when I change the BgpPeeringAddress to an invalid IP address A valid IP address should be IP address in my GatewaySubnet range

enter image description here

I check this via Azure Resource Explorer. You can get more details from this blog.

  • Thank you for pointing out the Resource Explorer. It was very useful. Set up a new, and working point-to-site solution in an another subscription/vnet, and compared the settings using the Resource Explorer. Obviously, there is something with the bgpPeeringAddress. It is the only difference. Thank you for great help. – Ray Mar 15 at 12:12

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