Im working on the Open layers V2.12 map. Im plotting the points of locations on the map. When loading the map, the points dont show up. But while zoom out it hits the same method again and the points will load.

Points are in green in the image

Here is the code where its failing while initial load of map in controller:

var env = new Envelope(filterGeo.MinX, filterGeo.MaxX, filterGeo.MinY, filterGeo.MaxY);

var topLeft = transformer.TransformLeft(env.TopLeft().ToDoubleArray());

var bottomRight = transformer.TransformLeft(env.BottomRight().ToDoubleArray());

var tranenv = new Envelope(new Coordinate(topLeft[0], topLeft[1]),

new Coordinate(bottomRight[0], bottomRight[1]));

The values will load in the var env as follows:

MaxX    -8306659.542616     double,
MaxY    5263801.21133474    double,
MinX    -10150932.160824    double,
MinY    4517775.81537526    double

The conversion in Var topleft and var bottomright will not function properly. The values in topleft are :

        [0] -1129996599219.9919 double
        [1] NaN double

The values in bottomright are:

        [0] -924693110477.1 double
        [1] NaN double

Im not sure about the conversion that is happening in topleft and bottomright.

public static Coordinate TopLeft(this Envelope self)
   return new Coordinate(self.MinX, self.MaxY);
 public static Coordinate BottomRight(this Envelope self)
            return new Coordinate(self.MaxX, self.MinY);

After conversion, it will throw an exception in the method as follows: Ex: {"points must form a closed linestring"}

public void SpatialFilterAction(int userId, IEnumerable<SearchFilter> filters, IEnvelope envelope, Action<SurveyFeature> action)
            using (var session = Session.SessionFactory.OpenStatelessSession())
                    .AddFilterSubQuery(userId, filters)
                    .Add(SpatialRestrictions.Filter("sf.Location", envelope, 0))
                    .List(new ActionableList<SurveyFeature>(action));

This is what calls the above method:

 _featureRepository.SpatialFilterAction(User.Id(), AdvancedSearch.GetFilters(), filterGeo, feature =>
                                    feature.Geometry = feature.Location.Project(transformer.TransformAllRight);

But while I zoom out of the map like this below, Its hits the same method: ZoomedOutView

It loads the Green points. The conversion also works well.

Please help me in finding out what is happening at the conversion at topleft and bottom right and also why the conversion works for the zoomedout view and loads points and why not it works for the initial view immediately after the page load which is the zoomed view of a particular portion of map.

View when map loads in a page initially

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