I'm using VSCode (Version 1.28.2) for MacOS and I have this really annoying bar I can't seem to remove.

Close Up of bar:

Close up of bar

Wider View:

enter image description here

If anyone has some insight on how to hide this, it'd be greatly appreciated!

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    Did this button/toolbar come by default with VSCode or have you installed an extension (if yes, what is it's name)? If you don't want to use the git integration on VSCode at all, you can disable it by adding the line "git.enabled": false to your settings.json. The button then should disappear. – Joey Mar 15 at 0:19
  • The git icon probably comes from the donjayamanne.githistory extension. I would guess that the others are from extensions as well, with the exception of split windows and the '...' – jdow Mar 15 at 3:08

Hi davedeecoder, seems like you have enabled this extension, so in order to remove the bar you need to disable the extension by adding the line "git.enabled": false to your settings.json. IF you are unable to disable it, unfortunately, you have to Uninstall it.

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