I have been working on winform(web browser interactive) with visual studio.

I have referenced CefSharp and CefSharp.Core to interact with Chromium (web browser of Chrome format).

The problem is there is no such a error when I just compile and execute the program over visual studio IDE. However, when I run this program with application format after publishing it like below, enter image description here

this program works mostly fine except one part where I try to open an additional web browser with Chromium on another form (such as Form2 or Form3 or so).
especially this line of the code is not executing.

    public ChromiumWebBrowser chromeBrowser;
    chromeBrowser = new ChromiumWebBrowser(URI);

therefore, i have tried chromeBrowser.Load(URL) after changing string type of URI to URL.

Is there other way to navigate that URL(or URI)? Or any other approach?

I will appreciate your help in advance.

  • you mention a second form...are you disposing of your connection from the 1st form?...is there a cleanup method or does it inherit idisposable?...or maybe you need a singleton pattern? – Ctznkane525 Mar 14 at 22:34

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