I'm warming up my transceiver like so:


This creates a dummy track in the transceiver's receiver. Soon after, the unmute event fires on that track. Then, ~3 seconds later, the mute event fires.

My goal is to detect that a track is a dummy track as fast as possible.


  • send a message via the data channel telling the peer that the track is void. this is a pain since i'll have to send another message when I later call replaceTrack

  • write a frame of the track to canvas & see if it's an image. This seems really barbaric, but it's faster than 3 seconds.

anything better? it feels like this should be pretty simple.


This is a bug in Chrome (please ★ it so they'll fix it).

The spec says receiver tracks must start out muted and should stay that way until packets arrive. But Chrome fires the unmute event immediately, followed a few seconds later by a mute event due to inactivity (another bug):

const config = {sdpSemantics: "unified-plan"};
const pc1 = new RTCPeerConnection(), pc2 = new RTCPeerConnection();

pc2.ontrack = ({track}) => {
  console.log(`track starts out ${track.muted? "muted":"unmuted"}`);
  track.onmute = () => console.log("muted");
  track.onunmute = () => console.log("unmuted");

pc1.onicecandidate = e => pc2.addIceCandidate(e.candidate);
pc2.onicecandidate = e => pc1.addIceCandidate(e.candidate);
pc1.onnegotiationneeded = async e => {
  await pc1.setLocalDescription(await pc1.createOffer());
  await pc2.setRemoteDescription(pc1.localDescription);
  await pc2.setLocalDescription(await pc2.createAnswer());
  await pc1.setRemoteDescription(pc2.localDescription);

In Chrome you'll see incorrect behavior:

track starts out muted

In Firefox you'll see correct behavior:

track starts out muted

Chrome workaround:

Until Chrome fixes this, I'd use this workaround:

const video = document.createElement("video");
video.srcObject = new MediaStream([track]);
video.onloadedmetadata = () => log("unmuted workaround!");

Until this fires, assume the track to be muted.

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    great snippet! leaving this open to fish for possible workarounds – Matt K Mar 15 at 1:09
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    fantastic! thank you @jib (for the workaround & your awesome blog posts) – Matt K 2 days ago

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