After I proceed to restore database from automated backup file generated on Mar 13, 2019, the SQL instance stuck in this state forever:" Restoring from backup. This may take a few minutes. While this operation is running, you may continue to view information about the instance." The database size is very small, less than 1MB.

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    Google Cloud Support here! To investigate the issue, there are more information needed, that are private and can not be posted here. If you have a Google Cloud support, please fill a support ticket. If you do not have support, please open a private Google issue using your project ID. Than post the link to issue that you created as a comment here. With this link I can take a look into your project. – Pawel Czuczwara Mar 15 at 11:55
  • As a workaround you can try to restore backup on a new Cloud SQL Instance – Pawel Czuczwara Mar 15 at 12:09
  • @PawelCzuczwara The SQL instance is backup running now. Thanks. It took longer time than usual and showed An unknown error occurred. But the instance works now and recovered itself. – Ying Mar 15 at 17:22

For future users that experience problems like this is in the future, here is how you can handle it:

If you have a Google Cloud support package, file a support ticket directly with support for the quickest response.

Otherwise please file a private GCP issue describing the problem, remembering to include the project id and instance name.

However - Cloud SQL instances are monitored for stuck states like this, so often the issue will resolve itself within a few hours.

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