How can I add a resource query to my Webpack configuration so that if a require statement contains a query string, Webpack skips the loader I've specified in the configuration file. Consider the following configuration:

test: /\.(jpe?g|png|svg|gif|ico|webp)$/,
resourceQuery: /(?!ni-ignore)/i,
use: [
    loader: "url-loader",
    options: {
      limit: 8192,
      fallback: "file-loader",
      publicPath: `/static/images/`,
      outputPath: `/static/images/`,
      name: "[name]-[hash].[ext]"

I want Webpack to skip the rule if a require statement contains ni-ignore query.

// should skip the rule
const image = require("./image.jpg?ni-ignore");

// should follow the rule
const image = require("./image.jpg");

Is there any way to add a negative resource query matcher?


Try this
resourceQuery: /^((?!ni-ignore).)*$/i

It seems that a part was missing in regex.

  • Whilst this code snippet is welcome, and may provide some help, it would be greatly improved if it included an explanation of how and why this solves the problem. Remember that you are answering the question for readers in the future, not just the person asking now! Please edit your answer to add explanation, and give an indication of what limitations and assumptions apply. – Aniket G Mar 15 at 0:32
  • No that didn't work. – Aref Aslani Mar 15 at 11:48

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