In my react-native app I have an component array with Image component inside, but i have this error

Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop source supplied to ForwardRef(Image).

file CampaignPreview

render() {
    return (
                source={ require(this.props.imageFilePath) }

File Home

render() {
    let campaigns = [
            id: 1,
            name: "WildFit",
            expire: 1868029014,
            picFrame: "../assets/picture.jpg",
            done: 0.75

    let campaignViews = campaigns.map( c => {
        return (
                imageFilePath={ c.picFrame }
                name={ c.name }
                completation={ c.done }
                key={ c.id }

    let view = (
                { campaignViews }

    return view;

but If i put string instead of this.props.imageFilePath it works


i seems that 'require(var)' is not possible in react native, i used require('location') forever, you can try save the string in variable.

require only accept literal s string

react native use variable for image file

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