I have a rather peculiar problem: I have an old machine (simulated old Unix system) that doesn't have SSL support. It does have wget and even Mosaic on it, but they only support HTTP requests, not HTTPS.

In order to broaden the sites this machine can access, I hoped to set up a proxy server (under Linux hopefully) that converts HTTP requests to HTTPS ones and conversely, takes the responses and convert them back to plain, unencrypted HTTP responses. I know of solutions that go the other way around (convert a legacy HTTP server to HTTPS), but does anyone know of any solution that can solve this problem for me?

I realize that I need to differentiate somehow the intended connection, for example by using port 443 for requests that should be encrypted by the proxy.

So, the question again: does anyone know of a proxy server that can convert legacy HTTP-only client traffic into HTTPS?

Thanks a bunch!

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