I have the "Launch Chrome against local host" option in my debugger list in VS Code. Definitely don't remember how I got it, but, I use it, and it's great. But every time I start it, it opens up the launch.json for setup, with the url set to localhost:8080.

These days I'm using it with React, so I always have to change it to localhost:3000.

I see that the launch file is located in a .vscode folder but that appears to be created anew in each project once I start the debugger?

Where do I set the "default" configuration(s) for the Chrome debugger setup so it always loads the same? I'm on a Mac, if that helps.


Jonathan Tuzman for setting up a terminal you can refer to the following doc or additionally you can edit the settings.json file and adding the following command:

"terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe"

The simplest way to reset VS Code back to the default settings is to clear your user settings.json file contents which is found in Settings editor. You can navigate to Settings editor by File > Preferences > Settings and clicking on Edit in settings.json. For more information on this topic please refer to this document

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  • Thanks for your interest, but I am not trying to set up a terminal, nor am I trying to reset a default, but rather trying to set a default. I have looked through the settings.json file but couldn't find anything that seemed relevant. Also I'm on a Mac. – Jonathan Tuzman Mar 15 at 12:31

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