If all users selected in a slicer then card should display "All users", otherwise separate users by comma

I created the measure below but when I choose more than 1 user then the card displays "All Users", instead of separating them by comma

User = VAR UserName1 = SELECTEDVALUE(dim_User[Name_FirstLast]) 
        "Actions for " & IF(ISBLANK(UserName1), "All Users",
CONCATENATEX ( VALUES(dim_User[Name_FirstLast]), UserName1, "," ))

enter image description here

Should be like this:

enter image description here


The SELECTEDVALUE function will return a blank if you have multiple selections.

Instead of defining a variable, try something like this:

User = "Actions for " &
        ISFILTERED( dim_User[Name_FirstLast] ),
        CONCATENATEX ( VALUES(dim_User[Name_FirstLast]), dim_User[Name_FirstLast], "," ),
        "All Users"

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