I dont know what im doing wrong. Im developinga parallax function


<div class="o-container">
  <div class="parallax">


window.addEventListener("scroll", function() {

  var scrolledHeight= window.pageYOffset;

  $$(".parallax").forEach(function(el,index,array) {
    var scrolledSectionHeight = el.closest('.o-container').pageYOffset;

    var limit= el.offsetTop+ el.offsetHeight;
    var speed = el.getAttribute('data-speed');

    //console.log(el.offsetTop + '' + el.offsetHeight);

    if(scrolledHeight > el.offsetTop && scrolledHeight <= limit) {
        el.style.transform= "translate3d(0px, "+ (-(scrolledHeight - el.offsetTop)) /(speed)+ "px" +", 0px) ";


The question is... i just want parallax to enter on the 'IF' and starting to act, when my scroll pass by the o-container offsetTop. What should i do?

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