For the first im sorry if im wrong to ask cos this is my first time ask on stackoverflow.

Im new in fluttter, and when i want to use feature hot reloaded on debug console say "global evaluation not supported". how to fix this problem anyone want help?

before i has read this global evaluation but it not help anymore for me

this is the image of my problem problem

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  • Can you try running flutter run directly on the command line to see if that works? And make sure that when you run flutter doctor -v that you don't get any warnings or errors... – rmtmckenzie Mar 14 at 22:45

The VS Code debugger for Dart/Flutter does not currently support global evaluation (there's an open issue for this here). Add a 👍 to that issue if it's something you'd like to see.

The debug console can be used for evaluation when execution is paused (eg. you've stopped at a breakpoint or similar) - this is evaluation in the context of the current frame.

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