I am trying to implement a parallax header slightly similar to this. https://codeburst.io/react-native-parallax-scroll-with-tabs-721feec463c5 The main difference and issue I'm having is that instead of translating the opacity of an Animated.Image, I would like to show a collapsable card with a title and description.

Essentially, I need to show a header at the top, a card with title & description, and 2 tabs for sort & filter. When a user scrolls, The card will collapse and Sort & Filter would be added to the header at the top. I have Does anyone have experience with this? Given Animated doesn't support my custom card component, is there still a way to animate a card? I think its something with the scroll offset. Also, Currently, the scroll is on the scrollview in the tab content. How can i scroll from upper header also?

This is the current JSX for the card, it renders but it is only showing text, with no background color or card styling.

 <Animated.View style={[styles.card, { marginTop: 15 }]}>
   <View style={styles.cardContainer}>
     <Text style={styles.titleFont}>{title}</Text>
     <Text style={styles.descriptionFont}>

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