When solving a coupled system of differential equations I have to turn to the Dormand-Prince method as I need an adaptive step method (the outcome blow up near the end of the interval of integration using a fourth order Runge-Kutta method).

However I also have to choose a maximum and minimum value for the step size and I don't know which ones. My initial step size is h=0.002133404446814894 and the tolerance is 0.001.

I think it is not necessary to write the system of equations, but if you think it might help, I'll do it.

  • You should not have to select a minimal step size. The only obstacle is that at some points the increments get too small to advance time. You only need a maximum step size to prevent undersampling of the system. So chose that as 1/10 of the length of characteristic features of the system, such as periods of forcing functions, ... For everything else rely on the step size controller. If you want to discuss that one, you need to provide more details on the current implementation. – LutzL Mar 17 at 12:38

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