I have a GLM with four variables ( Result = (Var1 + Var2) * (Var3+Var4))

Var1 = continuous variable

Var2 = continuous variable

Var3 = continuous variable

Var4 = no-continuous variable (6 level = A, B,C,D,E,F)

With the output of my GLM (binomial GLM), i try to calculate the result of my model for different value of Var1.

Butm i'm not sure to understand what the logistic equation look like for a GLM with interation

For the moment , i have something like that :

Result = 1/(1+e(-Intercepte- ( Var1*X1 - Var2*X2) * (-Var3*X3-Var4)

But i dont think is the good equation

Thank, sorry english is not my first and second language

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