My company maintains an iOS application, and so it has an iOS developer account. Whoever happens to work on the app has always just done so under that single account, using certificates with the name of the account holder.

I'm trying to improve things so that each developer works under his own Apple ID instead of someone else's. It seems like the right way to do it. As a test, I logged into App Store Connect as the account holder, and invited myself as a developer role. From the invitation email, I clicked the link and created a new Apple ID, then added that to Xcode. App Store Connect shows my new work Apple ID as being a developer in the organization, however, Xcode doesn't seem to realize that this new Apple ID is part of my company's organization. When my company is selected in Xcode > General > Signing > Team, the Signing Certificate that appears once again has the name of the account holder, not the developer.

How can things be set up so that developers have their own Apple IDs and signing certificates, but that those items are linked to the company's developer (organization) account?

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