The Hessian matrix obtained in my minimize optimization with bounds is a identity matrix in a multivariate vacisec model with 6 parameters throught a kalman filter and a Maximum Likelihood (Normal) that I programmed


Do you know whats the problem here?

  • Hi can you provide more code of your program? and what specifically is the problem (what is unexpected) you have? – lyang Mar 15 at 0:09
  • My code it’s simply a Kalman Filter where the error covariance matrix and mean vector are use in the multidimensional log likelihood function and make a sume for every observation. Myloglikevalue its a function that gives this sume when you give certain parameters (Vasicek model). The issue it’s that when I minimize -Myloglikevalue given a set of initial parameters, the hess_inv of the function scipy.optimize returns me a Identity matrix instead the inverse of the Hessian matrix. – Laura Lopez Mar 16 at 3:43

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