I recently create a anaconda env by:

conda create -n tensorflow_env python=3.6
conda activate tensorflow_env
conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow

Then I install jupyter notebook in the tensorflow_env,

conda install jupyter

Then I run it with

jupyter notebook

I got a blank website: enter image description here Anyone knows what's going on here? I use windows 10. And the jupyter notebook works fine if I don't run it with in the tensorflow_env environment. But if I don't run the jupyter in that environment, I can't import tensorflow.

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    You may need to install another package: conda install nb_conda_kernels. – swatchai Mar 15 at 5:33
  • After installing the package and restarting the laptop, it works! Thank you very much! – Ting Wang Mar 15 at 14:10
  • Now I post my comment as an answer. The best way to thank someone that provided you a useful answer is clicking a vote-up and/or the accept button. – swatchai Mar 15 at 14:20

You may need to install additional package:

conda install nb_conda_kernels

and restart the Jupyter notebook server again.

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