I'm writing a PHP script that generates SVG plans for all the components that make up a pinball machine, to send to a laser cutter. There are many dozens of components. Each one is defined in a separate class file, something like this:

class CabinetFrontComponent extends Component {

    public $width;
    public $height;

    function __construct() 
       * Geometry of each component is calculated in its constructor. For 
       * the sake of simplifying this example, I'll just set these two
       * properties to a numeric value.
      $this->width = 150;
      $this->height = 150; 

    function draw()
      // Draws the component and writes an SVG file to disk    


The components are all loaded and drawn like this:

foreach (glob(__DIR__ . "/components/*.php") as $filename) {

foreach( get_declared_classes() as $class ){
  if( is_subclass_of( $class, 'Component' ) ) {
    $obj = new $class;

The problem is that some components' geometry can't be calculated until another component has first been calculated. For example, the dimensions of the CabinetSidesComponent can't be calculated until we know the PlayfieldComponent dimensions, and that component can't be calculated until we know the BumperComponent dimensions.

Is there some way I can tell PHP to instantiate these in the right order, so that all the necessary dependencies are met? I mean, short of manually specifying the order to load them?

Also, once the components have been instantiated, what is the best way to make their properties accessible from other objects?

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    looks to like a classic php autoload situation. Classes will be loaded 'just in time'. – YvesLeBorg Mar 15 at 0:06
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    Sounds like you could use some sort of IoC. Have a look at php-di.org – Phil Mar 15 at 0:06
  • You could add a static method that returns the list of requirements and then when looping over them, check if the requirements have been loaded already and if not, put it in another array and load after the rest has been loaded. If the requirement tree is just two levels that would be enough. – solarc Mar 15 at 0:26
  • Or just add an order to the classes through their names (APartLoadsFirst, ZCabinetLoadsLast). – solarc Mar 15 at 0:29

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