I am working on a photo app. The app has a main feed, let's call it fragment 1.

When the user clicks on a photo in the feed then fragment 1 passes the photo id to fragment 2, that creates a reference from that id, then the reference has a listener for a Single Value Event in which I set the data into an object (let's call it mainObject), and within that listener I set the actual image to its view using the data from the mainObject.

fragment 2 contains a box with a view pager, that contain fragment 3 and for (each in turn). These fragments need to know which photo we are dealing with to know what information to present and what values to set to certain actions.

The problem is that Firebase APIs are asynchronous, so I can't have fragment 3 and 4 get their data from mainObject because there's no guarantee that mainObject would be initialized before fragments 3 and 4 ask for their information, and that causes a null exception.

How do I deal with that?

  • I asked a question relating to the same thing yesterday here. I think that my problem is that I can't add a success listener on a listener in which I would contain the call for the callBack from the interface, so I am not sure how to use this suggestion approoach.
  • Use a completion handler to let the fragments know if the photo is loaded – Stijnk008 Mar 15 at 10:10

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