I am trying to type check an arbitrary AST using Toolbox in Scala. Basically, I am building expressions using quasiquotes like

newTree = q"$oldTree + $x"
newTree = Typecheck(newTree)

where $oldTree is an AST with some type unknown to me. I need to fill in the fields like newTree.tpe based on the information already present in oldTree and x.

Typecheck() is defined as follows:

import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._
import scala.reflect.runtime.currentMirror
import scala.tools.reflect.ToolBox

import bitstream.types._

object Typecheck {

  def apply[A](treeStr: String): A = {
    val toolbox = runtimeMirror(getClass.getClassLoader).mkToolBox()
    val tree = toolbox.parse(treeStr)


Currently I am trying to process the following:


where Bit.bit2Int() is a method defined in an object Bit in the package bitstream.types. This is a package containing custom classes and objects. I currently get the error:

scala.tools.reflect.ToolBoxError: reflective typecheck has failed: types is not an enclosing class

My guess is that bitstream.types isn't in the context the mirror used by the Toolbox, but I don't know how to resolve this. I think this Github issue is related, but I'm not sure how to interpret the discussion on the issue page.




i.e. with package and without this. (I have no idea what d2_old is and if you can put it there.)

  • Fantastic! This worked like a charm. As mentioned, d2_old is not valid by itself, but that's a separate issue specific to my program. – darsnack Mar 18 at 21:45

maybe you can add import to tree;

val tree = toolbox.parse("""
  import bitstream.types._
  • Unfortunately, I've tried this, and it doesn't seem to have any affect. – darsnack Mar 15 at 14:51

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