So I have this Access form that connects to a MySQL DB using a DAO connection on the load event.

Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim SQL As String

    Set db = OpenDatabase("", False, False, Globales.ConnString)
    SQL = "SELECT tbl1Facturas.ID, tbl1Facturas.Fecha, tbl1Facturas.Localidad_ID, tbl5Localidades.NombreLocalidad, tbl1Facturas.Suplidor_ID, tbl6Suplidores.NombreSuplidor, tbl1Facturas.Factura, tbl1Facturas.Subtotal, tbl1Facturas.[Credito al Subtotal], tbl1Facturas.[CSA IVU MUNICIPAL], tbl1Facturas.[IVU MUNICIPAL], tbl1Facturas.[Credito IVU Municipal], tbl1Facturas.[CSA IVU ESTATAL], tbl1Facturas.[IVU ESTATAL], tbl1Facturas.[Credito IVU ESTATAL], tbl1Facturas.[Total de Compra], tbl1Facturas.[Exento al IVU ESTATAL], tbl1Facturas.[Metodo de Pago], tbl1Facturas.[ID Metodo Pago], tbl1Facturas.Factura_PDF, tbl1Facturas.MetodoPago_PDF, *" _
        & "FROM (tbl1Facturas INNER JOIN tbl5Localidades ON tbl1Facturas.[Localidad_ID] = tbl5Localidades.ID) INNER JOIN tbl6Suplidores ON tbl1Facturas.[Suplidor_ID] = tbl6Suplidores.ID;"

    Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(SQL, dbOpenDynaset, dbAppendOnly)
    Set Me.Form.Recordset = rs

In that form I have a Combobox thats not getting the values from the Row Source property which I have it set up like this:

SELECT tbl5Localidades.ID, tbl5Localidades.NombreLocalidad FROM tbl5Localidades; 

I don't know what I'm doing wrong there as this used to work when they were Access Tables but now that I moved the tables to a MySQL server the only thing thats not working are the comboboxes.

All help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


This code did it!

Dim rs2 As DAO.Recordset
Dim SQL2 As String
    SQL2 = "SELECT tbl5Localidades.ID, tbl5Localidades.NombreLocalidad FROM tbl5Localidades;"
    Set rs2 = db.OpenRecordset(SQL2, dbOpenDynaset, dbReadOnly)

    With rs2
    Do Until .EOF
    Text18.AddItem !ID & ";" & !NombreLocalidad
End With
  • Is the ComBo'sRow Source Type 'Table/Query' or 'Value List'? – ComputerVersteher Mar 15 at 19:19
  • With that code I use Value List since Table/Query doesnt work. – Santiago A. Beltrán Mar 15 at 21:10
  • What is your RowSource Query (is data in Combos Query-Designer)? What column is bound. What column widths? – ComputerVersteher Mar 15 at 21:23
  • Set db = OpenDatabaseis used to connect DSN-Less (Table is not linked)? Then dsn-less-connection-to-mysql-server – ComputerVersteher Mar 15 at 22:10
  • I set the Row Source Type to Value List, the Bound Column to 1, the Column Counts to 2, and the Column Widths to 0",1". Also the query is "Select tbl5Localidades.ID, tbl5Localidades.NombreLocalidad FROM tbl5Localidades;" Using a DAO Recordset from current db. – Santiago A. Beltrán Mar 16 at 2:08

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