I am trying to create an ANTLR ParserInterpreter following this guide. From the third example on that page, labeled To load separate lexer/parser grammars,…, I see the following code:

public static ParseTree parse(String fileNameToParse,
                          String lexerGrammarFileName,
                          String parserGrammarFileName,
                          String startRule)
throws IOException{

    final LexerGrammar lg = (LexerGrammar) Grammar.load(lexerGrammarFileName);

    final Grammar pg = Grammar.load(parserGrammarFileName, lg);

    CharStream input = CharStreams.fromPath(Paths.get(fileNameToParse));
    LexerInterpreter lexEngine = lg.createLexerInterpreter(input);
    CommonTokenStream tokens = new CommonTokenStream(lexEngine);
    ParserInterpreter parser = pg.createParserInterpreter(tokens);
    ParseTree t = parser.parse(pg.getRule(startRule).index);
    System.out.println("parse tree: " + t.toStringTree(parser));
    return t;

On line 5 Grammar.load is passed two parameters, a String and a LexerGrammar. However, the JavaDoc for org.antlr.v4.tool.Grammar shows the load method taking only one parameter.

Am I missing something here? If not, is there a workaround to create a ParserInterpreter given a lexer grammar and a parser grammar file?

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