I want to check if a path I get as string is assigned to a user xy. The program should run on a Linux operating system.

char path[]="./Debug/src/myfind.o";
char user[]="wolei";

int check_if_it_is_user_pfart(char* user, char* path){
     if (/*path is a user path */){
     return 1;
     } else {
     return 0;

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    Do you mean one of: is under the current user's $HOME directory, is under any (normal?) user's $HOME directory, is writable by the current user, is writable by any normal user, is relative, ...? You may be interested in realpath, getpwent, stat, ... – o11c Mar 15 at 1:25
  • Do you mean "belongs to user xy"? If so, you'll need stat() and getpwnam() to help you. You also need some semicolons and it wouldn't hurt to use a few more spaces. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 15 at 1:27
  • I just wanted to know how to check if the path string belongs to the user directory of the user wolei – wolei Mar 15 at 22:22

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