I have been working on a madlibs program, and it has been breaking for no reason it seems like. I take user input from an html form. I am trying to check if the user input is valid. In order for the data to be valid, the data must NOT contain a space, or any punctuation character. I am not sure if I should use the strpos command, or preg_match. Anyway I am able to get to the first if statement, and it breaks. I have used multiple variations of this command, and no matter what I do my code seems to break. All I am trying to do is check if this consolidated string contains a single char. It seems simple enough, but I cannot seem to find the issue. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. I can post the code from my html page, but the problem does not lie in that code.

//Michael Keller

$stringFirstVerb = $_POST["stringFirstVerb"];       
$stringSecondVerb = $_POST["stringSecondVerb"];   
$stringThirdVerb = $_POST["stringThirdVerb"];        
$stringFirstNoun = $_POST["stringFirstNoun"];      
$stringSecondNoun = $_POST["stringSecondNoun"];     
$stringThirdNoun = $_POST["stringThirdNoun"];   
$stringFirstAdj = $_POST["stringFirstAdj"];    
$stringSecondAdj = $_POST["stringSecondAdj"];
$stringThirdAdj = $_POST["stringThirdAdj"];          
$stringParagraph = $_POST["stringParagraph"];         
$intNounCount = 0;
$intVerbCount= 0;
$intAdjCount = 0;
//check for user input
$stringNewStr = implode("",array($stringFirstVerb,$stringSecondVerb,


if( strpos($stringNewStr, ' ' ) !== false ){
echo "No spaces allowed in any Verbs, Nouns, or Adj's";
echo "<br>";
echo "<a href="project1.html">Link to previous Page</a>";
  • Personally I would use strpos over preg_match. Why use regular expressions if you can avoid them. – d3L Mar 15 at 0:44
  • What does var_dump output? – d3L Mar 15 at 0:46
  • I see you have a formatting / syntax error: echo "<a href="project1.html">Link to previous Page</a>"; should be echo "<a href=\"project1.html\">Link to previous Page</a>"; – d3L Mar 15 at 0:46
  • @d3l it outputs all of the words the user entered, consolidated into a single variable with no spaces. I am trying to check if this variable contains spaces/punctuation – lowsodiumsalt Mar 15 at 1:03
  • I fixed my link error(thank you so much!), and it is still failing to compile – lowsodiumsalt Mar 15 at 1:06

There's nothing wrong with the way you call strpos(). You have a syntax error:

echo "<a href="project1.html">Link to previous Page</a>";

should be:

echo "<a href='project1.html'>Link to previous Page</a>";

Hope this helps,

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