Working on a tableview who has cells build in IB. The cells use some custom UITextFields. The UITextFields have an optional UIImage property that should be nil when the controller loads.

I'm doing a check for nil and it keeps producing false, even though the object is nil.

(lldb) po icon

(lldb) po icon == nil

What's interesting is for primitive types in the same textField, I get the expected behavior.

(lldb) po icon4

(lldb) po icon4 == nil

I'm evaluating at the Texfields init, so there's now much else happening in this textfield.

Is there anything obvious here I'm missing?

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    cells are reused – Leo Dabus Mar 15 at 1:20
  • Not sure what you’re trying to get at in this context. I would expect cell properties that are nil to evaluate true to == nil. Are you saying this is expected? – JDM Mar 15 at 2:18
  • What does p icon (or frame var icon) say in the case where "icon == nil" is returning false? po asks the object to describe itself by sending it the description message and printing the resultant string, it doesn't tell you what the pointer itself is. If p icon is 0x0 and p icon == nil returns false, that is unexpected, and if you can reproduce the behavior please file a bug with a reproducer with bugreporter.apple.com – Jim Ingham Mar 15 at 17:04
  • Thanks @JimIngham p icon does return a value, so I guess it is pointing to something.. Here is what I see: (lldb) p icon (UIImage?) $R0 = nil (lldb) po icon nil (lldb) po icon == nil false (lldb) p icon == nil (Bool) $R10 = false – JDM Mar 15 at 17:21
  • Optionals are a little odd: they are not pointers that can be 0x0 or not, they are actually a swift generic enum with two possible values "none" which translates to nil, and "some" whose associated data is the object they contain. You can see this, for instance, if you do frame variable --raw icon. So everybody who is printing this (except for --raw) is coloring the truth a bit. That said, I can't get an optional with value of "none" to return "false" to p icon == nil. That is unexpected. If you can repro this please file a bug. – Jim Ingham Mar 15 at 22:40

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