let x = new Row(job_id="hello", title=null)

 x match {
     case Row(
           job_id: String,
           title: Option[String]) => println("successful match")
     case _ => println("failed!")


For the code above when I try to match with an option type it actually matches with _ and gives me a warning shown below:

warning: non-variable type argument String in type pattern Option[String] is unchecked since it is eliminated by erasure

Basically the Row struct represents a sql row with nullable values and I want to be able to pattern match to it. Does anyone know how?

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    Where is Row defined? Also, I think you want None, not null. – Brian McCutchon Mar 15 at 1:42
  • It is not possible if you work with Row, because Row works with raw values, which include nulls for absent values. – Vladimir Matveev Mar 15 at 3:19
  • Row comes from spark so it's actually a null. – Brian Yeh Mar 15 at 5:24

Just don't use type patterns (: String and : Option[String]), because null doesn't match them. Write

case Row(job_id, title) =>

and check inside.

(When you get a Row from Spark, it won't contain any Option[String]s anyway, just null or non-null Strings(/Ints/etc.).

You could also use custom extractor objects, e.g.

object OptString {
  def unapply(x: String) = Some(Option(x))
// repeat for other types


case Row(job_id, OptString(title)) =>

will bind title to None for your x and wouldn't match for

new Row("hello", notAString) 

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