I am currently developing an WPF app with DevExpress tools and encountered a very strange display bug of a label, displayed a fragmented Text:

WPF label Fragmented

As you can clearly see, all other labels are not effected but only this particular one. If zoomed in you can see that the label is rendered with artifacts:

enter image description here

This even continues to happen if i increase the font size to "25": enter image description here

The label itself is nothing else then this:

<Label DockPanel.Dock="Bottom"
       Content="{lex:Loc View.Application.Realm.CreateNew}" />

Apart from DevExpress there are no global Styles or settings done to rendering.


Your label doesn't have any rendering issue, another control with white text is positioning itself over your label, check your XAML to see what could be that other control.

  • Very much thank you that was it :-D – JPVenson Mar 15 at 12:30

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