I have problem downloading my datalog. Already make a coding using python to automatically download the datalog everyday. And the coding works on three sites. But, on the fourth site, using the same code, I got an ERROR 404 not found. But, the files can be download manually, by clicking it.

Already try searching for the problem in the siemens forum but to no avail.

So, if anyone had experience with this problem and have solution please share with me.

here is my coding;

    import subprocess
    import datetime
    import wget
    from datetime import date, timedelta

    yesterday = date.today() - timedelta(1)
    x = yesterday.strftime("%y%m%d")
    print ("Downloading E_" + x + ".csv")

    datetime_object = datetime.datetime.now()

    url = 'http://{PLC_IP}/FileBrowser/Download?Path=/DataLogs/F_' + x + '.csv'

    filename = wget.download(url)


Thank you.

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