I want to login to a website and navigate to a specific page to scrape the data. I am planning on using scraping (not API at the moment) and for learning purpose I plan on doing it on my stackoverflow account to extract how my reputation score has changed over time and on which topic.

And, I am using google apps script as a programming language, also for the learning purpose.

I am using the below given code for login:

function stackLogin() {

  var url = "https://stackoverflow.com/users/login?ssrc=head";
  //var url = "https://stackoverflow.com/";

  var payload = {

  var opt = {
    "followRedirects": false

  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, opt);
  var sessionDetails = response.getAllHeaders()['Set-Cookie'];
  var header = {
    'Cookie': sessionDetails[1]


When I use:

url = "https://stackoverflow.com/users/login?ssrc=head"

I get "response code = 302" but the "response html" is very short. I also see that a new login ip appears on StackExchange OpenID enter image description here.

But, if I use:

url = "https://stackoverflow.com"

I get "response code = 200" and the "response html" is very long. I also see that a new login ip does not appear on StackExchange OpenID.

Question 1) So, the login was only possible by url = "https://stackoverflow.com/users/login?ssrc=head", rite ??

Question 2) If I am able to login I want to click "my profile avatar button"

Avatar button

which takes me to the "user profile/summary" page where I want to click "Reputation" Profile Summary Page

which takes me to "Reputation log page" where I have summary of all the reputation I have received by date and topics. Reputation log

Now, I want to extract these reputation values as table.

I can scrape the data by inspecting the class values of these reputation logs if I can pull the HTML page.
The main problem I have though is : How do I click through different buttons (after successfully logging in) to get to that "Reputation log" page.

  • Do some tutorials on website navigation with curl. Generally you must persist a session cookie. – tehhowch Mar 15 at 11:43

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