I am new to coding. I am trying to edit a code and need to understand what is the value being allocated to require_images

$params = array(
    'appTaxTag'              => APP_TAX_TAG,
    'require_images'         => ( $cp_options->ad_images && $cp_options->require_images ),
    'ad_parent_posting'      => $cp_options->ad_parent_posting,);

Is the code ( $cp_options->ad_images && $cp_options->require_images ) checking if $cp_options->ad_images and $cp_options->require_images are both true and then setting the value of require_images as true or is it something else ?


The value of require_images with be true or false if $cp_options->ad_images has a value and $cp_options->require_images has a value. Those variables don't need to necessary have plain or boolean true or false but other content. So, in my opinion that means that require_images is a test variable to check if the other two variables already have values. If you want to know the values of those variables you can perform a var_dump($cp_options) and see what ad_images contains and require_images.

Thank you.

  • Thanks ... what if one of the variable is NULL ? What would that mean ? – Manish Mar 15 at 6:18
  • If it is NULL then it is false. – Mathe Eliel Mar 15 at 11:20

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