WSO2 ADmin services provide isAlive function But is there a case where isAlive will return false? Because if the server is not alive , it cant be reached and the wsdl services will fail ; so probably some kind of connection exception i except?

Also as per https://www.yenlo.com/blog/how-to-check-if-wso2-is-up-and-running

Internally, the WSO2 server is always set to one of the following statuses: STARTING, RUNNING, IN_MAINTENANCE, RESTARTING, or SHUTTING_DOWN.

But i tried to get the status while shutting down , but it was a connection exception? How can we get the status properly like SHUTTING_DOWN etc?


You need to hit following API to get health check result:

curl -v http://localhost: 9673/services/Version

Response: <ns:getVersionResponse xmlns:ns="http://version.services.core.carbon.wso2.org"><return>WSO2 API Manager-2.6.0</return></ns:getVersionResponse>

This is specifically to check health of store or publisher module. You can look for the health check APIs provided by wso2 with for details of other components link. This blog added more light on it. This blog added more light on it.

Following are the steps to add custom jar, which will return details of wso2 product server health as well(reference).

  1. Download the org.wso2.carbon.healthcheck.server.feature-.zip and extract it. This folder is reffered to as in this document
  2. Copy the org.wso2.carbon.healthcheck.api.core-.jar found in the /plugins directory and paste it in the /repository/components/dropins directory.
  3. Copy the webapp api#health-check#v1.0.war found in the /features/org.wso2.carbon.healthcheck.server_1.0.0 directory and paste it in the the /repository/deployment/server/webapps directory.
  4. (Optional step) Copy the health-check.config.xml configuration file found in the /features/org.wso2.carbon.healthcheck.server_1.0.0 directory to your /repository/conf/ directory.

health-check-config.xml file:

        <HealthChecker name="DataSourceHealthChecker" orderId="97" enable="true">
            <!--<Property name="monitored.datasources">jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB,jdbc/WSO2MetricsDB,jdbc/WSO2UMDB</Property>-->
            <Property name="pool.usage.limit.percentage">80</Property>
        <HealthChecker name="SuperTenantUSHealthChecker" orderId="98" enable="true">
            <!--<Property name="monitored.user.stores">primary,sec</Property>-->

Invoking custom health check monitor API: curl -k -v https://{hostname}:{port}/api/health-check/v1.0/health

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