I see warnings like the following in the console for my threejs project.

THREE.WebGLRenderer: Texture has been resized from (613x345) to (512x256).

Researching around, it looks like its not something to be concerned about. But I would like to remove these logs to keep the console clean. How can we achieve that?



texture.minFilter = THREE.LinearFilter;

will turn off mipmapping and the need for resizing to a power-of-two.

Or, manually resize your textures to a power-of-two before you use them.

three.js r.102

  • BTW: Using WebGL 2 also avoids this message since it's not necessary anymore to distinct between both types of textures. Mipmapping also works with NPOT textures. – Mugen87 Mar 15 at 10:54
  • @Mugen87 Good point! – WestLangley Mar 15 at 12:34

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