I have a django url:

path('question/<slug:question_slug>/add_vote/', views.AddVoteQuestionView.as_view())

It work fine with english slug but when slug is persian something like this:


django url throw 404 Not Found, is there any solution to catch this perisan slug url?


I'm using django 2.1.5.

It work fine with this url:

re_path(r'question/(?P<question_slug>[\w-]+)/add_vote/$', views.AddVoteQuestionView.as_view())

This is an addition to Selcuk answer given here

to pass such language/unicode characters you have to

  1. Write some custom path converter
  2. Use re_path() function

1 . Custom path converter

If we look into the source code of Django, the slug path converter uses this regex,
[-a-zA-Z0-9_]+ which is inefficent here (see Selcuk's answer).

So, Write your own custom slug converter , as below

from django.urls.converters import SlugConverter

class CustomSlugConverter(SlugConverter):
    regex = '[-\w]+' # new regex pattern

Then register it,

from django.urls import path, register_converter

register_converter(CustomSlugConverter, 'custom_slug')

urlpatterns = [
    path('question/<custom_slug:question_slug>/add_vote/', views.AddVoteQuestionView.as_view()),

2. using re_path()

You've already tried and succeeded with this method. Anyway, I'm c&p it here :)

from django.urls import re_path

urlpatterns = [
    re_path(r'question/(?P<question_slug>[\w-]+)/add_vote/$', views.AddVoteQuestionView.as_view()),

According to Django 2.1 documentation you can only use ASCII letters or numbers for slug patterns:

slug - Matches any slug string consisting of ASCII letters or numbers, plus the hyphen and underscore characters. For example, building-your-1st-django-site.

whereas regex \w pattern also matches Unicode word characters:


For Unicode (str) patterns: Matches Unicode word characters; this includes most characters that can be part of a word in any language, as well as numbers and the underscore. If the ASCII flag is used, only [a-zA-Z0-9_] is matched.

  • so how can I use slug in unicode with path? – Mastisa Mar 15 at 4:49

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