I had a windows server on GCP, I am running an app on Localhost:8080 however i want to access the localhost from other devices (maybe on different network connection). What should I do? Thank you


You cannot access localhost from outside the machine. Localhost is an internal network address. This is often called a loopback address.

Dpending on what software you are running, usually you can change the "bind" address from localhost or to0.0.0.0`. The later means all available networks.

Note: is the same as localhost.


To add on top of the answer from John, you need to ensure the following items are in place correctly:

  1. The server listens to request from a remote network ( is an easy step, e.g. using npm)
  2. Create a Firewall rule for port 8080, you can define which IP can access this port number
  3. Assign a Public IP of this VM to send requests to the service http://${public_ip}:8080/, because you need different network access

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