I have a grouped boxplot and spline line connecting the max points. The first box are the values that are always consistent, the second box are reference points and for values they don't always have reference points, so there wouldn't be a second box. If all values have references, the graph looks evenly distributed, but in a selection of 30 boxes, if there's only one reference point, it has too much space between the boxes.

To keep the spline consistent with the box points, so they remain in the same position when clicking on the legend and disabling the second box, I'm using transforms: [{type: 'sort'}] But that makes the boxes more narrow. I tried boxgap and boxgroupgap, but they don't give the desired result. Setting boxmode: "overlay" doesn't show a big gap because one is on top of the other, but I want to show them side by side.

This is a modified pen: https://codepen.io/juanv911/pen/MxrxQd

In the screenshot, there are 30 boxes for values and just one box for references. enter image description here

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