I am new to android and I am writing google map cluster. The following code is used to get coordinate after swiping the map.

googleMap.setOnCameraIdleListener(new GoogleMap.OnCameraIdleListener() {
    public void onCameraIdle() {
        CameraPosition cameraPosition = googleMap.getCameraPosition();
        mobileLocation.updateLocation(cameraPosition.target.latitude, cameraPosition.target.longitude);

But it is crashed with the googleMap.setOnCameraIdleListener(mClusterManager); in google map cluster.

Can someone please give me any suggestion?

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    What's the crash log? – Bach Vu Mar 15 at 4:09
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    write your crash log. – Hitesh Tarbundiya Mar 15 at 4:44
  • if I write the googleMap.setOnCameraIdleListener(mClusterManger); I can't get the coordinate after i swap the map. But if i commented out the code, the marker clustering is not working. what should I do? – Patrick Mar 16 at 3:27

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