So I know to use vmodel with vuex you use a computed property with a setter and getter, where the getter dispatches an action. How would this work when the property you want to bind with is an array? This is how the the code worked pre-Vuex so trying to convert it since newAds now is within Store.

<div v-for="ad in newAds" :key="ad.id">
        <div v-for="key in ad" :key="key.id">

Can I pass multiple parameters through a setter and then run that through to the mutation?

  • Why wouldn't you just try it and say what you got? – Timur Gilauri Mar 15 at 4:23
  • It didn't work when I tried and I couldn't find anything that showed passing multiple parameters to see if maybe just my syntax was wrong in some way, which led me to this post. I don't know what I don't know – Luis Rodriguez Mar 15 at 4:54

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