I am training my own model using Python on Windows 10 with TensorFlow 2.0 and Python 3.6, Anaconda 3. When I run the commands:

python train.py --logtostderr --train_dir=training/ --pipeline_config_path=training/faster_rcnn_inception_v2_pets.config

to train my images, it shows that The Tensorflow Contrib module will not be included in TensorFlow 2.0. What should I do with TensorFlow now? Do I need to upgrade or downgrade TensorFlow? Which Anaconda Promt commands should I run?

  • Right now only TF 2.0 alpha is available, you shouldn't be using it to run existing code as it breaks API. – Matias Valdenegro Mar 15 at 7:02

tf.contrib.* will indeed disappear from tensorflow, and will not even make it to the tf.compat* namespace.

It is one of the breaking change in TF 2.0. There are many, many others, as it is not only a major revision of TF but a complete change of mindset IMHO. Generally speaking, you cannot really expect a TF 1.x script to run smoothly in TF 2.0, even after a run of their automatic conversion script. You will need to rewrite your code, and before that, rethink your way of working with TF, especially if you were ignoring the Keras API.

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